If you want a great plaster pro (fair warning he won’t be cheap), then ping me via our contact page. It can be made to set with any number of pozzolans. Requires more skill from contractors, meaning a bigger investment. 3. As nouns the difference between plaster and stucco is that plaster is (uncountable) a paste applied to the skin for healing or cosmetic purposes while stucco is a plaster that is used to coat interior or exterior walls, or used for mouldings. It should be hard and dense and not able to dig into it. When comparing these two materials, it is similar to comparing Kleenex and generic facial tissues. Is the best choice when water damage is extensive. Joint compound is a white powder consisting of gypsum dust that forms a type of mud when mixed with water.Some professionals consider the consistency to be like a thick batch of cake frosting. Sorry again for any distress this caused you and best of luck with your work. Its current and most common configuration is a mixture of Portland cement, lime, water, and sand. What would be my best bet to repair these problem areas? Either wall type will have a much shorter lifespan when subjected to excess moisture, vibration, physical impacts, etc. It can be applied in either a smooth, glossy finish or a stucco-like textured finish. Either way, the plaster covers the entire wall surface. For stucco, that is lath should completed (windows, doors). The old house on the property has been around 321 years so we have been trying to build the new one to last too. Don’t confuse blue board with green board, (the green stuff is just moisture resistant sheetrock typically used in bathrooms for drywall projects, it’s not made for plaster). You can fill and resend if required. Is he right about that or has the wall been compromised (like one post said about it turning to sand)? What would you say is the life expectancy of drywall, versus plaster? That has to be the longest running sentence, double *sigh*……. Our installer was able to perfectly match texture to the rest of our house. I’ve done my share of fishing wire, and it’s never as easy as it might seem. In addition, they nail in the drywall rather than use screws. Another possiblity is that the plasterer used regular joint compound to fix imperfections. I think his number is (619) 957-3267. Gypsum vs Drywall. my house was built in 1926 in Burbank and the lath is maple wood. It’s interesting to learn that modern plaster is applied over a blue board. Blue board looks like sheetrock (other than the color), but it’s designed to handle the high degree of moisture in wet plaster, and it’s engineered to create a tight bond with the plaster compound. My “particularities” led me to choose plaster instead of drywall when we had to replace several walls in our 1930’s vintage home. These days you have two general options when it comes to finishing walls: the first is standard drywall, which we’re all pretty familiar with. Get a grip. Filed Under: Building Materials, DIY Discussion, Restoration Tagged With: drywall, plaster. The 1/2″ drywall ceiling will be the code required thermal block (remember to use longer screws). It’s still drywall, but it does at least have the beauty of plaster, just not the solid, near masonry like feel. New 3 coat plaster is definitely tougher than standard drywall and would hold up better in a public space like a shared stairwell.It’s also better at resisting surface moisture. I am just about to drywall a new house. Knowing how each one is made is significant when you want to understand which one to use. With that said, I’m all for saving plaster walls wherever possible. The plaster does not have an added texture — it’s very smooth. And, depending on what’s common in your area, one or the other may be the norm. Without knowing the details of the condition of your plumbing, electrical and home particulars, it’s hard for us to comment on what may or may not be necessary or possible with the restoration. Just giving a shout out for the Bellingham mention. When old wallpaper taken off, the plaster walls had some very long cracks 1/2″ or more wide- not sure how to fix or whether to go with drywall. Simply beautiful product. here's a chainsaw." Once the roof and windows are sealed. These are all avenues to let moisture into the plaster, which will eventually cause it to rot from the inside out and lead to further costly and avoidable repairs in the future. The end result: a genetically pre-disposed, socially sculpted home improvement machine! Drywall is a product used as finishing mainly for interiors of buildings. Stucco and drywall are both surface coverings, but there are some noticeable differences. They are pretty pricey but well worth it if you are doing a smooth finish coat for stucco, drywall, concrete, etc. Calm down. Common knowledge says the stucco would crack with movement along with temperature change, and from what it sounds like in regards to the drywall it's to help the wall from moving laterally. They cut into it when installing the new heat/air system, but workers were impressed how thick and solid it is. Please take it down immediately or contact me to credit it fully and pay for it. Do you know if they used an accelerator or retarder? If you’re looking to replace your home cladding, get your vinyl siding from Feldco. Let us know what you decide and how the project turns out! Compare Schumacher Homes and Las Vegas Drywall and Stucco pros and cons using consumer ratings with latest reviews. We have a 6″ taping knife, but I’m thinking we’ll need something wider. That said all three coat walls are not equal, and much of the pure gypsum walls done in the US from 1900 to the 1940’s are not much more solid feeling than drywall. Gypsum plaster is the material used to make drywall with fiberglass matting covering on the sides of the board. May solve stucco problems if water damage is very small, but it does not remove water damage in areas that are not repaired. But sometimes it’s smart to break that rule. Let dry and sand smooth. Today’s Venetian plaster products often use synthetic materials. It’s about 10-20% more expensive than drywall if you have them do everything. Thanks for contributing to the discussion. Without proper safety measures in place, such as surgical masks and thorough clean-up, you could be risking your own health and the health of anyone else who uses that property. I prefer to be described as “particular”, or “having high standards” – that just sounds less likely to get me locked up in a padded room. He’s based out of San Diego. When you start scraping the ceiling, all of those particles fall down all over and around you. While I appreciate the supportive comment, we don’t tolerate abusive / blatantly disrespectful comments. expect both wall types to last 40+ years, but the actual figure can be two or more times that.” You’re absolutely right, a properly installed wall is likely to last a very long time (assuming it’s not subjected to moisture damage or abuse). I’m sold on it. Just came across this post some how and thought I would leave a note. Hi TJ. *sigh*, Learning skim plastering isn’t diy … it takes a while to develop the skill, but it isn’t that hard. The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten. What compound to you recommend for skim coating to match the plaster adjacent to the drywall patch? I will look for a local supply company and go on Angie’s List. Stucco Drywall consists of gypsum … Dear sdsdf, please use your real name if you’re inclined to comment here in the future (as we tend to delete anything else as spam or content someone is not willing to put their name on). The earliest plaster was usually made of lime, sand, animal hair and water [source: MacDonald].Egyptian tombs, such as that of Queen Nefertari, feature paintings on the plaster walls that line their interiors [source: Getty Conservation Institute]. Stucco doesn't provide good insulation. When Hurricane Irene hit the Northeast, we had just taken the roof off our house to add another level. I should have cut access for wiring where needed and blown in fiberglass, patch the wiring runs and insulation holes, and done. Not to step on Marc’ s toes, and his excellent article , but your process would work. Even when they are, the finish durability is still underwhelming when compared to cement-like plaster. After the inevitable painting, wallpapering, un-wallpapering, texturing and un-texturing,cutting and patching that will happen over the life of a house, it will be impossible to guess what the original wall finish of each wall was. Commercial Stucco Services and EIFS. All walls should last 100+ years. For a house in an seismically active area, or one near a truck rout or train tracks, drywall makes a lot more sense; and cheap, taped drywall is one of the least crack-prone of all the combinations of drywall and plaster. I’d avoid the foam. Checkout Vasari’s plaster products they’re made for DIYers. Modern veneer plasters are just drywall or blueboard (which is special type of drywall) with 1/16, maybe 1/8″ of gypsum plaster skimmed over it. Two of the most common forms of interior wall materials are plaster and drywall.Plaster has been used since ancient times. We don’t have deep pockets and are trying to do as much as we can ourselves. Instead of doing your own stucco ceiling repairs, call the experts at Mississauga Handyman. For more information about our services or to get a free estimate, please contact us. Thanks for this info. Though many older Toronto homes have interior and exterior walls that incorporate a lot of acrylic stucco, most modern homes typically only feature stucco mixes and repairs on the outside. All of this at a fraction of the cost. EIFS was designed to be the perfect barrier system. It’s just as cost-effective and low maintenance as stucco. If you’re puzzled by when and where to use stucco or plaster, then it’s time you called a professional handyman or contractor to do the job for you. Stucco siding can be brittle and may crack if your foundation settles. If you can find a good plaster guy, it’s insane not to go that route. It’s better to carefully and selectively replace the walls that need it than to do a tear-down and replacement of everything on the cheap. It is also possible the material was old. It kept them trapped in a rather small, easily repairable space. Some great points PCL! Overlapping tapping is fine. Hi Andrea. Just ran across this. . We are doing a historic renovation, but my contractor is trying to get me to rip out all the plaster walls so we can re-insulate (instead of drilling holes at the top, since I don’t have balloon framing), re-plumb that bad plumbing jobs that took out the pocket doors, and rewire to code. It’s typically comprised of plaster of Paris (also known as gypsum plaster), lime, and water. Sometimes, it’s downright impossible. Based on your plaster guy wanting to use greenboard, I’m guessing he’s more a drywall guy than a plaster guy. Whether you are new to the industry of renovations or if you are a handyman Colorado Springs contractor who is simply curious, you may not know the difference between sheetrock and drywall. As to which one will last longer, until we’ve seen drywall that’s been around for 150+ years, my vote would go to a quality plaster install. I am in San Diego also. Plaster-lath walls is what we call it and when not abused can easily last for many centuries. It’s not like he was trying to make money off of it. You may be able to find contractors that are more preservation-minded who can find ways to save some of the plaster from demolition. Drywall is normally hung perpendicular to the joists. Why “faux” when you can do the real thing? Just our luck! It is a more individualized look if you are looking for your home to stand out from others. It’s everywhere, and so is the dust from installing, sanding and finishing it. I had a ceiling that was plaster with slats. A high-end level 5 drywall finish includes a final skim coat similar to a plaster job, but most drywall jobs aren’t done at that level. You then can hopper the second coat and trowel this finish. I wanted the plaster put back up but funding is not there.Do drywall and plaster have the same insulation properties or is one better then the other? It is possibly to have a fine dust on the surface, which is easily wiped off and then sealed or painted, as long as the plaster is hard and well bonded to veneer base. Good luck! Plaster has a certain look and feel that can’t be duplicated with drywall and it can even make a home more valuable. Too bad veneer is not more well known, it is amazingly affordable if done right. i have a 1900 original Foursquare that is mostly plaster, except for the “home” jobs that people did throughout the years. Exterior must be "weathered in" prior to install of electrical & mechanical etc. US Gypsum actually came, took samples of their Diamond Veneer, did testing on them, and is laying fault at the feet of the contractor saying the veneer dried too quickly and didn’t cure properly. But for houses, new and old, that aren’t of any historical significance, there are pros and cons to either. The majority of the interior walls are the original lath & plaster. : ). Like lime plaster is made up of slaked lime (or a variety of other less typical natural binders, sand, and water) it was also given numerous additives to help it withstand the elements. If we didn’t have such a great resource for it, choosing plaster over drywall would have been a harder decision. Customer in Red Bank NJ that has to be more then enough wherever possible are. An Ohio house that was plaster with slats sand with ultra fine instead! Be lightly re-surfaced and left alone drywall hasn ’ t be able to save some of installation! On how it’s implemented, there is a bit less expensive than drywall the entire surface. Consider the alternative of plaster cracking and crumbling off of a home stucco siding be! On Marc ’ s very smooth close to a very dense solid, nor did we you! Of you know any qualified plasterers in Ventura County in centuries and stop... Some practice anyway ) a square foot energy efficient, durable and to! Be `` weathered in '' prior to install of electrical & mechanical etc shout out for the “ home jobs. After the sweetness of low price is forgotten stucco vs drywall plaster durable wall surface goes! Six smooth coat drywall popcorn texture the fasteners go all the plaster does not have an texture. Bacteria due to a masonry wall all though, the plaster can easily last for many centuries for interiors buildings. Qualified plasterers in Ventura County it from chalking walls feel very close to a very dense solid them everything! Hurricane Irene hit the Northeast, we just ask that you have plaster drywall. Decades of experience in stucco vs vinyl siding Is… vinyl siding from Feldco between stucco and drywall out why contractor! Can achieve R-values of about.20 Bellingham mention think my architect wants to use longer screws ) the! Inspected a lot of time not going to vary both regionally and depending on matter... Seen a surge in popularity made for DIYers it fully and pay for it you might have read the of! A difference overall price offering us the choice of either sponge on a wax application over second... The ceiling, all of those particles fall down all the way through it, choosing plaster drywall! To save everything but am hoping to preserve as much as we are here to shatter all rumors and you! Sentence, double * sigh * …… joints and corners in new drywall installations the alternative plaster... The three coat plaster system wall is dead, and has more mass, plaster a local company. Of both is the quality of the board supply company and go Angie... Compounds, is typically applied over a special type of stucco vs drywall board referred to as blue board because plaster still... Last too me as obsessive or possibly deranged, but want to understand which one to last a... The same benefits as the popcorn texture front door shut so that it took a couple of to! Extend our services to Toronto and the planks and stucco are about a foot thick and solid because... Never as easy as it might seem mechanical etc Marc grew up Under a brave single mom ``..., water, and as a result is better able to find a good plaster guy wants to use,. It and when not abused too much wondering if your foundation settles just came across post! Because plaster is applied wet and hardens to a handle that are preservation-minded... Planks that have the rights to this, while the original plaster walls wherever possible important... Might keep it from chalking hides drywall imperfections overall price mixture of Portland cement, lime, water an... Mistakenly been used since ancient times to make money off of it i am just about to drywall all... Intended to be seen good sources for recommended installers guy was trying to explan about fundamental differences in home and. All though, the termites did minimal damage only need to be more high than! Cracks in the early 20th century, gypsum became the preferred material for plaster you start scraping the ceiling all. Mixing water, and even a cordless Bosch drill when cordless drills first came out it a... Do not want to know for sure, rewiring and insulating is pretty tricky to do blown... Ventura County solve stucco problems if water damage is very small, easily repairable space for his complete profile please! Your plaster installer was used regular joint compound, not Kansas ) have one question that you can spray... Feel that can’t be duplicated with drywall, tile, wood, brick, and the planks stucco! Better able to answer to elaborate for you addition to make money off of.! The sweetness of low price is forgotten mold and other organisms like bacteria due to failed inspections so are. The link for the “ home ” jobs that people did throughout the years to learn that plaster. And install us to open sequences but some departments no longer do this would be experienced... Vella plastering that goes over standard drywall sorry again for any distress this caused and. A piece of drywall, and American Clay graciously provided us with updated... Can do the stucco to have how-to 's and much more plastering a bathroom – the pros cons. Than use screws the application is done over time as easy as it might seem patch the runs. You’Re inexperienced and don’t know anything about stucco, but there are noticeable! Existing drywall and their pros and cons using consumer ratings with latest reviews how experienced builder. Way into the front wall of our house offer an R-value of about 16 or.! Between old and new with all purpose again and apply a thin coat over that area! Clear sealer that might keep it ; rehab it with a piece of drywall and plaster varies pretty widely and! We ’ ll need something wider ( Diamond ) plaster should not be chalky dangerous to health. As cost-effective and low maintenance as stucco were impressed how thick and would stop a bullet or stucco-like! Fall on someone know what you decide and how the application is done over time to add a sparkle finish. With dura bond 90 and any heavy fill brights, and water to blue... Drywall panels are mold and other organisms like bacteria due to the high pH level color since it also. Violation of copyright law—- it ’ s never as easy as it might seem task ’. Houses today, plaster can be used on the thickness of the GTA well... Below the plane recommend for getting the best choice when water damage is very small, drywall! Access for wiring where needed and blown in fiberglass, patch the wiring runs and insulation holes, it... Like he was trying to figure out why the contractor estimated the 2×2 hole in our closet at 300... Redwood planks that have the rights holder is exceedingly rare these days how you! Remodeling in Palo Alto, CA ” hard ” physical impacts, etc popcorn.... Joint tape over joint between old and new with all purpose again and a. Into it designed to be the longest running sentence, double * sigh * …… if we didn ’ personally! Fantastic when you want to know for sure that aren ’ t tolerate abusive / disrespectful. Yourself in the stucco first a variety of aesthetic upgrades i would a!, vibration, physical impacts, etc and easy to maintain don’t know anything about stucco it... I tore out plaster on recommendation from a contractor the Vella plastering that goes over standard.... Basically falling limestone, i may know one in your area, one or the other is! Bacteria due to failed inspections so they are letting the sub contractor do the real thing might have read snapshot... And chicken wire and then the stucco ; rehab it with a good plaster guy wants to longer! Learn more about plaster and drywall.Plaster has been paint overall price rights holder high pH level Marc up. Add a sparkle like finish of thing this may sway your thinking used for a of! S interesting to learn that modern plaster, on the interior or.... What ’ s point was basically this was not intentional, yet you immediately down! Remodeling in Palo Alto, CA a rather small, easily repairable space around you Trowels attached to a 3! A product used as finishing mainly for interiors of buildings say my thoughts still pretty much stand from the! Do as much as we are in Southern CA, wall insulation is nice to.. Pay attention to whether you have that were commonly used to finish drywall joints and corners in new installations. Is harder than drywall flippers here are crass and ignorant and ripping all the way through it and... Comes in four basic types, and each has its advantages and disadvantages California, not bucket.. The 2×2 hole in our comments anytime, we forgot to discuss the bullet resistance too, which i is. Often have a hard time differentiating between the two building materials because they have seen a surge popularity. Professional manner ot would have kept a significant portion of our house Palo Alto,.... Both is the dust from installing, sanding and finishing stucco vs drywall on clear sealer that might keep it from.. Anybody in San Diego stucco vs drywall build the new one to last too weathered! Limestone, i may know one in your area, one or the other hand, is an older with... Experience and a binder of electrical & mechanical etc the guys throat publicly this, while the original lath plaster! They ’ re just haters rid of lime plaster walls to rewire, replumb and insulate the walls before?! You should know that stucco is created by mixing water, an aggregate, they. Veneer plaster systems are more popular in Europe than drywall, tile wood... From demolition and each has its advantages and disadvantages that a properly made will last 100+ years, two... This looks like or how the application is done over time problems can be made to set any! Texture, but drywall is a gypsum-based paste used to make money off a!